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DIY Make Webbing From Fabric

Video description: Welcome to the first episode of our new series ‘Because I Sew That’. These tutorials will not be meant to cover any hyper-complex procedures or methods. Rather a simple introduction into building your own gear and some tips and tricks to make things a bit easier.

In this episode we are making 1″ webbing for PALS out of 1000D Cordura fabric. This could be useful if you are not able to get matching webbing for your project. It will also match the rest of your project perfectly being made from same material.

Warfighting in tomorrows megacities

Take a few minutes and read this interesting article over at regarding the state of our capability to fight in megacities and what certain groups, including the Asymmetric Warfare Group, recommends should be done about it.

Link to article:

Image from article “The future battlefield: Army, Marines prepare for ‘massive’ fight in megacities”