Tiger Stripe Chest Rig Giveaway – You can’t buy this!

It’s that time. Time for another giveaway. I have a few pieces of one-off gear that I have build over the years as a professional gear maker. Why not give a few of them away? Here we have a unique tiger stripe chest rig. Is there anything groundbreaking here? No, not really. But it is a fairly effective configuration and features a pretty nifty set of side pockets.

How to Enter

In a nutshell you need to like this video on any (or all) of the 30MC social media channels (listed below). IMPORTANT: YOU MUST SUBSCRIBE TO OR FOLLOW THOSE CHANNELS AS WELL. You can’t just hit “like”.

When a winner is selected I will verify that they follow 30MC on that platform. If not, I will have to pick another winner.

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The Channels

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The Fine Print

Drawing will take place on or about Saturday June 3rd, 2023. Winner will be notified via PM/DM on the platform that they used to enter (ie: facebook, instagram, etc). If the winner does not respond within 1 week of being contacted a new winner will be selected. No substitutions or cash value. Void where prohibited. No Warranty. This item was built using known and good procedures and techniques. However, no extensive testing was conducted. This piece should be considered a novelty piece of gear and you should treat it accordingly. NONE of the related or unrelated equipment in this video comes with the rig. The item will be shipped to the winner free of charge to a US address. If the winner is outside of the United States they may decide to pay for the shipping charges themselves or forfeit the prize.

Where is Tactical Gear Production Headed?

I have worked the last 13 years mainly in the design side of the nylon tactical gear industry. I have seen the trends go from LBVs to plate carriers, to micro rigs, to belt setups with suspenders, to belt setups without suspenders, to recce rigs with hundreds of in-between products along the way. Entire companies have sprung up just to invent and manufacture interface devices to smash multiple pieces of industry gear together. I have even been responsible for some of them. These days you can find a piece of gear that will fit just about any mission that you might have. In the event you can’t, there are tons of smaller custom builders (like me) that can produce your one-off project to exact specifications. 

But what is the next leap? (And I don’t specifically mean in materials). You could call going from regular old Cordura to laminates and hypalon type materials a leap as it is a much better material to laser cut, but the build process is pretty much the same (i.e. you sew it together to make pockets). I’m talking about the next evolution in textile production – not just for the tactical gear industry, but that is where my experience comes from. I believe it is going to be in the world of 3D printing. That is, 3D printing the fibrous materials in a full (or nearly full) constructed state. Like, hit go on the printer and come back to a finished plate carrier a while later (perhaps a long while). Why would it be with a fibrous material? Today’s fabrics do a really good job of arresting a rip or tear before it gets too bad. This is sometimes referred to as “Ripstop”. This is accomplished by the weave of the yarns that make up the fabric. There’s no reason to throw that away. If you were to print solid flexible sheets instead there is a good chance that a “rip” would continue on over time (perhaps a short amount of time) and eventually render your equipment useless. And I’m not talking about just another plate carrier like we have today. What comes out of this theoretical fabric printer could be a design that contains build geometry that could not be produced on a sewing machine. 

Part of my business is building custom solutions for individual soldiers, police, contractors, and larpers. Sometimes those customers will send drawings of what they have in mind. However, they lack the experience of being a stitch-operator like myself. They may not realize that their drawing can’t be made the way they have envisioned it. 

For instance the attachment of a piece of fabric to form a pouch on one side might sew another pouch shut on the opposite side of the work. A good gear designer can usually find a way around this, but the situations do get complicated – especially when you consider a lot of these pieces go together in reverse and inside out. It’s a lot to get your head around until you have some time in it. However, most of these concerns would vanish if instead you are building (or printing) your gear a cross-section at a time. Layer stacked on layer of slightly varying geometry resulting in a perfectly reproducible piece every time.

Think about it: no hems, no seems, no need to have extra material folded over to help prevent the threads from pulling through a high-stressed area. Do you need an area reinforced? Simply tell the operating software that “this specific section of the design needs to be stronger” and let it do the work.

What about the camo patterns?

Just print them, too, like everything else. Now, I know this isn’t a viable option yet, but I am fairly confident that once the industry figures out how to reliably print the fibrous nylon material to a high degree of accuracy, varying the color of each layer and area in that layer will be an afterthought. We do it with 2D printers all the time.

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ARNVG Night Vision Housing Reviewed by Licentia Arms

One of the most talked about new developments in the world of Night Vision as of late has been the ARNVG (Articulating Ruggedized Night Vision Goggle) housing from AB Night Vision. Licentia Arms produced a great introduction video to this new offering.

Users are so excited about this housing because it pretty much offers the best of all worlds in the realm of night optics.

  • Articulating pods.
  • Auto pod shutoff.
  • PVS14 optics.
  • 7075 aluminum construction.
  • Internal battery and external battery support.
  • Onboard IR illuminator.
  • Variable gain control.

All this at a weight that is amazingly low. The original RNVG housing from AB climbed to top or near-top of everyone’s wish list because of it’s extreme durability (aluminum construction). But what it always lacked was articulating pods and variable gain control (depending on who you ask). Those issues have both been addressed and added to the ARNVG.

Red Metal by Mark Greaney: 30MC Book review

I just finished Red Metal by Mark Greaney and LtCol. H Ripley Rawlings IV (USMC). Originally published in 2019 I am a little surprised that I had not heard of this novel before. Mark Greaney was recently featured on an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience where he (almost in passing) talked about this ~”large scale warfare story”~ that he had always wanted to write. I guess, Red Metal is what it became. Now, my favorite book of all time is Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy which is a fictional story about World War 3 being fought sometime in the 80’s to early 90’s. To me, Red Storm is the single greatest piece of modern war fiction ever written and when I heard there was a strategic conflict book out there by Mr. Greaney I had some mixed feelings.

Image from Amazon.com
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Sure I would love to dive into another story regarding a genre that I love. But I was also aware that Mark Greaney had ghost written several Clancy novels both before and after Clancy’s death and if I am completely honest.. I didn’t care for any of them. I read the Clancy novels up until Teeth of the Tiger and I was out. But in the end I gave Greaney a chance and I AM SO GLAD I DID.

Now, let’s talk about something you are probably already thinking. These two books are similarly titled (Red Metal vs Red Storm Rising). One was written by Tom Clancy while the other was written by a guy who ghost wrote for Clancy. They both tell a story about a strategic conflict of misdirection between NATO and Russian forces (USSR in Red Storm). The similarities don’t stop there. Greaney was definitely channeling Clancy during most of this novel. At times Red Metal felt almost like an updated version of Red Storm. But here is the interesting part that even surprised me. I was ok with it. I was more than ok with it.

Red Metal is one of the best novels I have read in this genre. It isn’t going to dislodge my signed copy of Red Storm Rising on the shelf above me but I would recommend Red Metal to anyone. It checks all the boxes for me. A global strategic conflict with dire consequences. On the ground conflict and drama as well as higher level interactions. And the most important (to me); a large cast of characters who you actually care about. I really can’t stand it when a novel or TV show has one or two main characters. Its just dull and unbelievable that an entire story intersects this one person at so many points. Red Metal has a large and great cast. Most of which never meet each other. They are all involved in this massive global conflict but from completely different ends and viewpoints. This along lets you start from a way more believable position.

It even touches on a few situations that are currently in the news today (2023). This made the story hit even harder.

If it wasn’t obvious. I would highly recommend this novel. It is available in all your favorite formats including audio. Amazon link.

What light sources will actually damage your Night Vision?

Everyone knows someone who knows the correct answer, right? But have any of them actually sat their NOD in front of a laser and just left it there to see what happens?

The guys at the FalconClaw YouTube channel did just that. They used an old Gen2+ device and are very open about not knowing if a modern Gen3 device will be impacted the same way or not. But, the results might surprise you.

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