Digital Night Vision. Has it arrived?

Digital night vision technology has come a long way in recent years and has become increasingly popular for a variety of purposes, including surveillance, hunting, and other outdoor activities. It works by sensing in low light conditions and then amplifying that available light via software to create an image. The resulting image is displayed on a screen, typically a LCD screen. Digital night vision devices are generally more affordable and easier to use compared to traditional analog night vision. However, the quality of the image may not be as good as that of traditional night vision devices, and they may not work as well in complete darkness.

In this video Isaac Botkin lays down another dissertation level analysis of the current state of digital night vision. Specifically the SiOnyx Opsin. Personally, I will continue to stay analog but the future of digital night vision looks.. bright.

ITW Nexus releases the EVO SR buckle

For all you DIY gear makers our there. ITW Nexus has released a video showing off their new EVO SR buckle. According to ITW Nexus the EVO SR will launch in 10, 15, 20, 25, 38mm versions. Only color option so far is black. The buckle features a 2-way funneling type latch and body so it can be properly engaged without having the angle exactly correct when pushing them together. I am not sure if there is a great militarized application (over what is already available) for this buckle but it certainly is interesting and I am sure it will find its way onto future gear. Download the specs pdf from the ITW Nexus website here. If you are looking for an ITW Nexus supplier make sure to stop by the Materials and Sources page here on 30MC under the “Tactical DIY” section.

From the ITW Nexus website:
The Evo SR is the next evolution in fully featured side release buckle design. The Evo SR was designed using extensive user research, leading to real and impactful improvements to the user experience. These improvements include contoured, integral triggers, which makes the releasing the buckle easy and comfortable. The Evo SR also features new, innovative side-to-side and top-to-bottom angular funneling action for seamless buckle assembly. The minimalist aesthetic and accessible function make it a great fit for a variety of applications.

The Captured Russian ‘Spider’ IR Threat Detector Demonstrated.

You may recall a few days ago I posted a link to an article with a device captured by Ukrainian forces off of a Russian Wagner Group Mercenary. Link to previous article.

This video (not our video) has been released demonstrating the use and function. Pretty much exactly as we all thought.

Update with new information:
The following is unconfirmed. Apparently this device is from Shinex Tech from Finland. Available for $10,000/each and you need 4 for full coverage. Their website has been “down for maintenance” for a little while. Presumably to attempt to weather the bad press from being associated with Wagner at any level.

Books about US Army Special Forces

There are a lot of books about Special Forces. Some written by former SF individuals and some not. To be clear this post is regarding books about the specific unit in the United States Army known as Special Forces or otherwise as the Green Berets. Other “special” units are often confused with the term “Special Forces” by our media and those not in the know. In most foreign militaries the term “Special Forces” does encompass all “special” units within. But this is not the case for the United States. When referring to US Military units there is only one Special Forces. Navy Seals, Airforce TACPs, MARSOC and so on are NOT Special Forces. They instead ALL fit under the larger category of Special Operations Forces (SOF) along with SF.

These are the most memorable and informative books specifically regarding Army Special Forces that I have read. I would recommend every one of them to anyone wanting to learn more about Green Berets.

The Only Thing Worth Dying For

by Eric Blehm

Image from
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Two new housings announced from AB Night Vision

There is a lot happening this year in the world of night vision. AB Night Vision is responsible for the nearly bullet-proof RNVG (Ruggedized Night Vision Goggle) that has made a huge impact on the NOD community. It looks like (just in time for SHOT Show) they are announcing two new housings. The ARNVG (Articulating Ruggedized Night Vision Goggle) and the RNVG-VG (VG = Variable Gain). This is big news for those of you who prefer aluminum dual tube housings. The two things that the original RNVG lacked (according to some) was variable gain and articulating pods. Now there are a couple of new options on the market.

AB is not very active on social media but their dealers are. Off the top of my head we have Steele Industries Inc and Night Vision Inc showing it off on their social media.

Early reports (not verified) indicate that the ARNVG housing will go for around $2,400 (no optics or tubes). No word yet on the RNVG-VG.

Night Vision Inc says they will have units available for viewing at SHOT Show this year at Booth 60004. Steel Industries Inc has stated the same. Both firms appear to have units ready to sell on their website.

Russian ‘Spider’ active IR threat detector found in Ukraine

This is an interesting read from Defence Blog regarding a mystery device found on a pro-Russian member of the Wagner Mercenary group in Ukraine. It appears to be an IR threat detector. Which should be able to detect infrared laser energy used for aiming at night or with laser range-finders. The best part about this story is that the unit was found WITH the operating manual.

Image from the Defence-Blog article.

While I was not aware of this product and it definately doesn’t have that “Russian Look” that I am familiar with it is not really a novel idea. The Hel-Star Designator Threat Alert (DTA) is supposed to have this capability built into an IR becon package and of course this type of idea has been used for a long time in fighter aircraft and even civilian cars for avoiding speeding tickets.

If you don’t understand what the purpose of this device is it would give the wearer a warning if there was an active infrared designator targeting them. Likely with a buzz or sound and from any direction. Always good to known second before the bullets start flying.

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