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We are giving away a MultiDoge rifle sling with Mission Spec

MultiDige¬†gear. Some say it doesn’t exist. It can be yours. For FREE! Mission Spec and 30MagazineClip are teaming up to bring you this giveaway. A one of a kind Mission Spec Two Point Sling in MultiDoge (otherwise known as DogeCam).

1) Follow either the instagram or facebook 30 Magazine Clip page.
2) ‘like’ the giveaway post on the 30MC page you are following (IG or FB or both).
3) Follow Mission Spec on either instagram or facebook.
4) Tag a friend (as many as you want) for 1 entry to win per tag for you AND your friend. See contest details on last image.

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ONLY the pictured sling is included. No gun sales or giveaway.

The Most Tactical Man In the World – Episode 2

He’s back. Who is he? If I told you I woul…. ok ok I don’t know. Nobody knows who he is. Or even what he looks like. He is more of an idea.

They say Garand Thumb could pick him out of a lineup. But won’t.

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The Soviet Adaption of The Lord of the Rings

In 1991 the Soviet Union produced and aired their take on The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Apparently after airing on Leningrad Television this production was “lost” and just recently rediscovered in 2021. Tolkien fans will be happy to see that Tom Bombadil makes an appearance who was left out of the Peter Jackson version. No, this is not a joke and the music and effects are exactly what you think and I think this might have actually contributed to the fall of the USSR later in the year. Enjoy and you are welcome.