Is it NiR Compliant?

NiR (Near Infrared or Near Infrared Reduced) is a designation given to compliant military soft goods or hardware whose camoflauge pattern is not negated by viewing that item in the infrared spectrum. In a nutshell… Does your uniform stand out when observed under night vision where it is hidden when observed under visible light? Originally I was making individual posts on the subject regarding each individual camo pattern that I encountered and was able to test. I decided to instead compile all of the findings on one page, here.

Yes, I did test DogeCam (otherwise known as MultiDoge). As it is not serious I am keeping it off of this master list. But due to the high request volume I will link it here.

Is Flecktarn NiR Compliant

How did genuine Flecktarn material do under Infrared?

First off let’s talk about the material. This specific fabric was listed as Flecktarn Mil-Spec 1110 Denier (what is Denier you ask?) with polyurethane rear coating and printed in Germany. It was a very high quality material and made a great base for a plate carrier project. You can see the material for sale yourself at

As you can see from the images below the Flecktarn did fairly well under IR illumination. You will notice that the camouflage pattern is quite visible between white light, green phosphor night vision and then IR illuminated night vision. It is in this illuminated state that many fabrics do not hold up and you completely lose the pattern due to the reflected IR light. A great example of a fabric that DID NOT hold up is the afore mentioned MultiDoge. Not surprising as it was printed up as a joke.

While this is of course a single data point of a single piece of fabric from a single source you should nevertheless be reassured that NIR compliant Flecktarn is out there and available (see link above) if you find yourself in need.

Flecktarn under white light.
Flecktarn under night vision.
Flecktarn under night vision with IR illumination.

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