Russian ‘Spider’ active IR threat detector found in Ukraine

This is an interesting read from Defence Blog regarding a mystery device found on a pro-Russian member of the Wagner Mercenary group in Ukraine. It appears to be an IR threat detector. Which should be able to detect infrared laser energy used for aiming at night or with laser range-finders. The best part about this story is that the unit was found WITH the operating manual.

Image from the Defence-Blog article.

While I was not aware of this product and it definately doesn’t have that “Russian Look” that I am familiar with it is not really a novel idea. The Hel-Star Designator Threat Alert (DTA) is supposed to have this capability built into an IR becon package and of course this type of idea has been used for a long time in fighter aircraft and even civilian cars for avoiding speeding tickets.

If you don’t understand what the purpose of this device is it would give the wearer a warning if there was an active infrared designator targeting them. Likely with a buzz or sound and from any direction. Always good to known second before the bullets start flying.



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