The Most Tactical Man In the World – Episode 2

He’s back. Who is he? If I told you I woul…. ok ok I don’t know. Nobody knows who he is. Or even what he looks like. He is more of an idea.

They say Garand Thumb could pick him out of a lineup. But won’t.

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I review the Phantom Hill CTF2 Laser Aiming Module

The Phantom Hill CTF2 is a modular laser aiming device for night vision shooting. Here are my thoughts on it.

Disclosures: No money exchanged hands for this review however I was provided the CTF2 by Phantom Hill for the purpose of review.

You can find this product on the Phantom Hill website:

The Kiji IR Illuminator head was loaned by GP Armory for this review.
Check them out for great IN-STOCK night vision, thermal, and light products.

The SureFire head was loaned to me by a good friend. Check out his links below:

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